From the very first glance you take in Rita’s direction, you find yourself fixated and engrossed by both her beauty and fearless presence. Physically, the combination of her tall slender frame and remarkably gorgeous features make it impossible to miss her. Aesthetically, her usage of traditional African garments paired with modern pieces (think tribal dresses with motorcycle boots) leaves her looking like a modern day African goddess. Her energy, body language and use of personal style speak volumes in terms of saying so much without verbally saying anything at all – the true testament of influential charisma.

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From her color-saturated wardrobe to her undeniable love for the literary and art movements throughout history, Kendall represents and promotes the expression of imagination that only some of us are blessed enough to see while we are fast asleep dreaming. Beautiful, adventurous and composed with a heart of gold, Kendall’s inquisitive personality is one meant to conquer and explore the world’s most vivacious of corners. Her offbeat charm ignites the fire to the hope and inspirations that lay within each and every one of us. 

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Humble and wise, Daniel is that surprise wild card that you are not quite sure what you are going to get, but you stick with it because you can feel its magnetic energy. Part bohemian, part scholar and infused with one wicked dose of intelligent humor, Daniel breaks the inevitable set of stereotypes that our society likes to bestow upon one another. A man who is not afraid to walk along the fringes of life, Daniel uses his artistic abilities not to raise himself up on a pedestal, but to further his collaborative nature and desire to connect more deeply with other majestic minds.

Built on a solid foundation of original styles and textiles and produced right here in Chicago, it is no wonder that Daniel feels passionately about his line. “I like to think of Domestic Workwear in terms of craft beers – you have smaller batches that you pay a little bit more for but you thoroughly enjoy the product and feel great while experiencing it.”

Much like his style, his personality is not meant to be trapped within a confined space; instead it is meant to flourish in its natural surroundings, feeding off all the noise and sound and commotion.

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Heavily inspired by the mystique and contrast of texturized garments and layers, Travis’ personal style has a noble fluidity to it – from the dramatic pieces he effortlessly wears to the items collectively scattered throughout his apartment. Fascinated by the notion of the home intertwining with the individual’s use of fashion as wearable art, I grew excited watching Travis remove a multi-dimensional leather piece off of a painting and onto his body, made solely from leather scrapes from shipped goods at AllSaints, where he currently works. His‘grunge meets post-apocalyptic’ aesthetic remains equally as interesting as the stories behind its evolution and gradual development. Sourcing inspiration from an uber eclectic mix of movies like CluelessThe Craft, and The Terminator, it’s no wonder that Travis’ style readily has transformed into its own distinguishable armor.

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Friday night myself, Callahan, and the fabulous artist and my dear friend, Rebecca Moy, attended the Art for Human Rights event held inside the Artists’ Coalition Gallery in the West Loop. It was an absolutely delightful evening and I cannot express how much I admire Rebecca and all of her work. Both of the pieces that Rebecca had on-sight were magnificent! 
PLUS I got to wear my satin Lanvin heels that I’ve worn only twice since I bought them over a year ago! 

Friday night myself, Callahan, and the fabulous artist and my dear friend, Rebecca Moy, attended the Art for Human Rights event held inside the Artists’ Coalition Gallery in the West Loop. It was an absolutely delightful evening and I cannot express how much I admire Rebecca and all of her work. Both of the pieces that Rebecca had on-sight were magnificent! 

PLUS I got to wear my satin Lanvin heels that I’ve worn only twice since I bought them over a year ago! 


The French poet, Arthur Rimbaud, once said, “What a life! True life is elsewhere. We are not in the world.” While standing inside Rebecca’s studio, Rimbaud’s restless words of wisdom had rung true – some 200 odd years later. Radiating with an intoxicating abundance of enthusiasm and creativity, Rebecca is a dazzling mixture of extraordinary beauty, raw emotion, and remarkable talent. Ridiculously quick-witted and sassy, her personality undeniably remains a force to be reckoned with.  When I first met Rebecca, back in mid-October at the Curly Tale Fine Art Gallery on the opening night of her show, “What’s In A Name?” I instantly found myself overwhelmingly fascinated; my eyes dashed from painting to painting, while my mind desperately tried to keep up. Exquisitely dressed from head to toe in Roaring 20s-esque ensemble, an elegant black cocktail dress accompanied by a delicate feathered hat, Rebecca’s mesmerizing sense of personal style mirrored her unfathomable artistic aesthetic. Rebecca exuberates an unbelievable hunger for life and beauty, one that justifies the notion that she’d never be one to let the flame of her passion run thin or heaven forbid, burn out.
While she may be on everyone’s radar, nationally and internationally, and on the verge of some seriously exciting projects, Rebecca is as humble as they come. Whether she’s in an evening gown or painting away in minimalist attire, Rebecca embodies the true meaning behind timeless style.

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If Winnie Cooper and Kevin Arnold existed outside the realm of ‘The Wonder Years’, magically befriended the Marx Brothers and found themselves tossed into the 21st century, a twist of fate would have undeniably led them to discover Claire and her apartment. Set against a nostalgic backdrop of vintage Zenith radios, carved wooden animals from the 60s, record players, ‘Star Trek’ Barbie and Ken figurines, 1920s cabinets, a plethora of books from every era of literature, and even a vintage gumball machine, Claire’s space speaks a language of its own. Infusing a little of that charm from your grandparents house or a really great secondhand shop with her own unique sense of style, Claire celebrates the essence of culture and, most importantly, the beauty of American life. Delicately standing in a thrifted tank top and silk blend skirt from the Suq al-Medina in Aleppo, Syria, this vintage collecting, quirky, awe-inspiring ball of wit and energy expressed her love for “all weird things in moderation,” the importance of family, her ever-evolving love for fashion and vintage garments, and the endless infatuation she has with Groucho Marx. Tucked inside and what seemed like miles from the ‘doom and gloom’ of February in Chicago, Claire took my mind on a journey through some of America’s greatest generations.

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Inspired by American filmmaker John Waters, king of the utterly filthy yet fabulously controversial subculture known for its radical themes centered around Americana’s debaucherous behavior, it is no surprise that when Matt greeted Brian and I in a perfectly overzealous Versace ‘get up’, he very much reminded me of a beloved Waters character. Maybe it was his flamboyant suit jacket, decadently polished nails, or the afternoon round of Bloody Marys we guiltlessly indulged in, but as I stood there in complete awe of Matt (and his hair), among a copious sea of acid-washed denim and sliced and diced tank tops, I was oddly taken back years ago to the evening when I was first introduced to Waters’ Pink Flamingos. Delightfully jarring and with a mind just as complex and intriguing as a Waters’ film, Matt truly embodies what it means to be ‘The Gaudy God’.  More than just a mixture of vintage pieces and original designs, Matt’s one of a kind label, Gaudy God, represents expressionism, undeniable confidence, fashion as a religion, and remains the absolute epitome of high meets low, in a vivaciously expensive bad taste manner. Always in a ‘blonde state of mind’ and never doubting the sleaze factor that he incorporates into each of his handpicked ensembles, Matt brings out the secret (and not so secret) gaudy side in all of us.

Nail artist, stylist, filmmaker, designer, and vintage label owner, Matt is a true muse. Fully equipped with a face almost too gorgeous to look at, this jacket-orientated, no pants-wearing, fur and denim-loving soul truly knows how to do the one thing we all find ourselves in search of – escaping the mundane cycle of life through his unique and ever-evolving sense of style. Intelligent and colorful, adding a shoulder pad here and a wedge there, nobody gives clothes more pizzazz, personality or life than Matt Kasin himself.

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watch out, the worlds behind you.