The French poet, Arthur Rimbaud, once said, “What a life! True life is elsewhere. We are not in the world.” While standing inside Rebecca’s studio, Rimbaud’s restless words of wisdom had rung true – some 200 odd years later. Radiating with an intoxicating abundance of enthusiasm and creativity, Rebecca is a dazzling mixture of extraordinary beauty, raw emotion, and remarkable talent. Ridiculously quick-witted and sassy, her personality undeniably remains a force to be reckoned with.  When I first met Rebecca, back in mid-October at the Curly Tale Fine Art Gallery on the opening night of her show, “What’s In A Name?” I instantly found myself overwhelmingly fascinated; my eyes dashed from painting to painting, while my mind desperately tried to keep up. Exquisitely dressed from head to toe in Roaring 20s-esque ensemble, an elegant black cocktail dress accompanied by a delicate feathered hat, Rebecca’s mesmerizing sense of personal style mirrored her unfathomable artistic aesthetic. Rebecca exuberates an unbelievable hunger for life and beauty, one that justifies the notion that she’d never be one to let the flame of her passion run thin or heaven forbid, burn out.
While she may be on everyone’s radar, nationally and internationally, and on the verge of some seriously exciting projects, Rebecca is as humble as they come. Whether she’s in an evening gown or painting away in minimalist attire, Rebecca embodies the true meaning behind timeless style.

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watch out, the worlds behind you.